What I Do And Who I Do It For

I do this for YOU! Like Clarke Kent, helping busy women make space in their life for what's important to them, has always been my superpower. There is nothing like seeing YOU have more time to love on your husband, boyfriend, or kids or watch YOUR business grow because your productivity increased as a result of YOU clearing out the clutter. In essence, there is nothing like seeing YOU have time and make space for what really matters, that's the abundance no one really talks about. I can help YOU! Decluttering and organizing is my JAM! It's been my secret weapon for years and has come in handy throughout my experiences working with Kanye West, Fergie, and other celebrities and fashion stylists. Ya girl has seen abundant living and it has nothing to do with your coin. Would you believe me, if I told you that the first step can start in your closet?

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Organization is a game-changer that empowers you to spend LESS time searching for things and MORE time doing what you really love. Simply put: organization gives you TIME and SPACE! Decluttering and getting organized doesn't have to be a chore, and I can show you how to easily integrate it into your current lifestyle. I'm here to help you say "Thank You, Next" to the things that no longer serve you. Whether in person, virtually or through my online program, I GOT YOU and I'm with you every step of the way! 

"I truly enjoy getting dressed in the morning and I feel like I get to go shopping every single time I step into my closet. Finding outfits is soooooo much easier and surprisingly keeping it up is a lot easier too lol...who would have thought."


got her time back:


"When it came to my closet, I knew exactly what I wanted, but I didn’t know how to make it happen. Shaniece came in and removed the overwhelm. She took my inspiration photos and got to work! She ordered the shelving, coordinated the install, and even styled the contents of my closet inside my new space. "


Made space:


Word on the street:

Ways To Work Together

In-Person and Virtual Closet Organization and Design
The recipe - I am your in-home mixologist, creating your custom solution to a more organized space

The Closet C(M)ocktail

You'd rather DIY that thang!
I provide the road map for you to take matters into your own hands And make room for the things that matter to YOU the most. Join other busy women who are making the same decision

Declutter Beyond The Closet

Hit me up to chat on your podcast or collaborate. It's a happy hour waiting to happen!

Have Your People Call My People

The Closet C(M)ocktail 

i want the recipe

The Closet Cocktail is the first step towards lacing up your combat boots and going to war with clutter- the very thing that has been standing in the way of YOUR peace and YOUR goals. Offered in-person or as a virtual session, I help YOU gain time and space by giving your closet, no matter the size, the face lift it needs. No stress allowed! Only fun will be had during this c(m)ocktail hour! 

Give yourself the gift of time! Stop standing in front of a closet YOU don't even love,  willing your clothes to magically coordinate or hoping you'll finally find that missing shirt.


A. You're tired of starting your morning overwhelmed. You just want to see and know where everything is.
B. You've organized your closet but your clutter is like the relative who never leaves 
C. You've purchased all the plastic bins from The Container Store, but still haven't achieved that editorial result
D. You're ready for a space that reflects you and where you're headed  

Declutter Beyond The Closet

i'm ready for abundance

This program is designed for the busy woman who is ready to define abundance on her own terms and start living the life she was designed to live. Not of overwhelm or with a laundry list of unchecked to-do's, but one of freedom, clarity, peace and more space and time for the things that matter most to her. This is not a course on owning 30 items, nor is it about rushing to The Container Store to purchase $250 worth of product, don't be mislead though, that's one of my favorite stores, but there's a method to that madness. I do believe in the concept of less is more, but in the context of having less of what doesn't serve you and more of what does.

You're Ready To Take Matters Into Your Own Hands And Step Into The Abundance That Awaits YOU On The Other Side Of YOUR Closet


A. You are Overwhelmed
B. You have Little Time With Much To Do 
C. You'd Rather Spend Your Downtime Doing The Things You Love 
D. You're Ready To Live Your Best Life On Your  Own Terms

"Shaniece introduced me to clever solutions to make the most of my space. I highly recommend working with Shaniece." - Erica Malbon 


made space

Word On The Street:

"When it came to my closet, I knew exactly what I wanted, but I didn’t know how to make it happen. Shaniece came in and removed the overwhelm. She took my inspiration photos and got to work!" - Lauren Messiah


removed overwhelm

"Shaniece did an excellent job at organizing my closets. She is reliable and has an extensive knowledge of fashion and is quite fabulous herself! Her eye for organizing a closet is impeccable. " -Fergie


More space

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Made from consigning items in my closet that no longer serve me- & still counting

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