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Hi, I'm Shaniece.

 I help independent women clear mental and physical clutter by making the connection between their internal + external space, using the most overlooked space in their home...the CLOSET. 

As your new friend I say this with love, STOP IT! 

If you're reading this, then you're probably at the crossroads of doing life on your own terms. I'm here to help make that a seamless transition for you, starting with one of your most sacred spaces- YOUR CLOSET! Together, we'll DECLUTTER and UNCOVER what's keeping you from showing up as the real YOU!


Are you feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and stressed from living a life defined by other people (social media, your mom's voice, etc.)? 

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before you scroll any further. Let's toast to you

 taking back control over your space and life! 


Made from consigning items in my closet that no longer serve me- & still counting

94.46 kg

The amount of Carbon saved by consigning my clothes


The average amount of money a client has made after an edit


Average number of denim jeans i've folded- self proclaimed "Denim Queen"

Organization is a game-changer that empowers you to spend less time searching for things and more time doing what you really love. Simply put: organization gives you your life back! 


Declutter.Organize.reclaim space

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“I truly enjoy getting dressed in the morning now and I feel like I get to go shopping every single time I step into my closet. Finding outfits is soooooo much easier and surprisingly keeping it up is a lot easier too lol...who would have thought. I recommend Shaniece to EVERYONE looking to organize their closet because she is the best.”



Master Closet Organizer, Educator, Podcaster, Certified Virgo, Self-Care Activist, and Ride-or-Die BFF. I'm the bestie who keeps all your secrets, is always down for a night of vino and vegging out, and has no issue going to bat with customer service for that flight refund or gift card for your next purchase at Neiman's. 

You can often find  me creating magic behind-the-scenes in a client's closet or in my 800 sq. ft tiny home in California! I love designer shoes and sweats as a combo, but I always have a good pair of sneakers on deck. On a good day, I run an 8m 46s mile (3 miles total) and eat "right". On the other days that 3 mile run comes down to 2, chocolate cake seems to work its way onto my plate, and Cabernet makes its way onto my pallet. No matter what, I ALWAYS end the night with a good cup of Chamomile tea; and obviously tea is refined so it cancels out the chocolate cake. See that? We can have balance & make space for what we want! We ALL have our own idea of what abundant living means to us. I want to help you cross the bridge from overwhelm to peaceful living by creating an atmosphere for YOUR definition of abundance once space at a time. 

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Whats Up!
I'm Shaniece 

And, Guess What? 

I got YOU when it comes to your closet and the secrets hiding out in there, the tears that have been cried in there, and the laughs that restore hope in there!  

Have a hard time maximizing your closet space? 

Do you want to stop coveting celebrity closets and learn how to upgrade your own closet on a budget? In the words of Queen B, "Partner let me upgrade you". Download my closet guide: The Ultimate Guide To Upgrade Your Closet. Your source of #closetporn and inspo to accommodate any size space. Stop coveting celebrity closets saying "someday" and create your dream closet TODAY. Drop your deets below and i'll send it right over! 

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