The Ingredients To An Organized & Curated Space 

Offered in-person (or virtually during the pandemic), we assess your intention, goals, and space. After the assessment, your custom closet cocktail is created, and I get to work while you sit back and relax waiting for the big reveal. YOU are the main ingredient! This is a first step to true self-care and a way to help you reduce overwhelm, stress, and anxiety. Think of this service as sipping a c(m)ocktail poolside. 


Let me lighten YOUR load! 
I will do all the heavy lifting and create a space that you will want to spend more time in every day and it won't because you can't find what you're looking for, once I get in your closet those days of stress and "I can't find" are gone. Buh-Bye! 
You may be surprised about the coins that may be sitting in your closet

Your closet should be a representation of YOU, hear me clearly, the real You! It's time to let go of the things that no longer serve you and replenish it with the things that do. We spend so much time in this space so it should NOT be a source of stress or overwhelm.

Here's the gag -You don't have to do it alone.

real talk:

Kanye, Fergie, Monica, C-Suite Execs, Pastors, & Other HNWI (High Net-worth Individuals) Have All Trusted Me Into Their Most Intimate Space - Their Closets 

You don't need to have a 2-story closet or large walk-in for us to work together, the next important ingredient in this cocktail is TRUST! 

One of the things I am known to do is respect the space and privacy of ALL my clients, Celebrity or not. It's important that trust is built when I work with YOU because the closet is not only intimate but a "sacred" space and I take it protecting your space very seriously! 

No airing "dirty laundry" allowed so don't worry about picking up that pair of tights or bra before I get into the space. It actually helps in the  development of your custom closet cocktail. 

i can help and my street cred speaks for itself:

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Closet Cocktail Recipe

  100 oz  YOU

remaining ingredients: tbd 

Let's work together and complete your Closet  C(M)ocktail. Start enjoying your closet sooner rather than later! You'd be surprised by how much more productive and calm your day can be with an organized space as simple as the closet. 

0.25 oz TIME 

0.75 oz strategy 

100 oz trust

0.75 oz vision

0.50 oz design

0.30 oz edit


Reduced stress & anxiety = Clarity

Imagine This:

More space for what matter's the most to YOU & a closet oasis 



what's possible with an organized closet

Reclaiming your time by spending less of it searching for that "belt" or "shirt"


Kick that overwhelm bucket and be more productive


Discovering the real YOU and some cash that may have been hidden in the back of the closet


"Shaniece introduced me to clever solutions to make the most of my space. I highly recommend working with Shaniece." - Erica Malbon 


made space

Word On The Street:

"When it came to my closet, I knew exactly what I wanted, but I didn’t know how to make it happen. Shaniece came in and removed the overwhelm. She took my inspiration photos and got to work!" - Lauren Messiah


removed overwhelm

"Shaniece did an excellent job at organizing my closets. She is reliable and has an extensive knowledge of fashion and is quite fabulous herself! Her eye for organizing a closet is impeccable. " -Fergie


More space

Entrepreneur, Malbon Golf + The now spa

Personal stylist + Entrepreneur



More Time

"I truly enjoy getting dressed in the morning and I feel like I get to go shopping every single time I step into my closet. Finding outfits is soooooo much easier and surprisingly keeping it up is a lot easier too lol...who would have thought." -Shayna Rasin Saniatan 

movie production

Does This Sound Like You?

you don't have enough time 

You're overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious

YOu WANT TO BE MORE productive

You're tired of not being able to find your things

you desire a closet oasis - AD magazine style

you're inspired by marie kondo' tidying UP  & other organization shows but not really into "thanking" socks

At this point, you have made the decision that you are ready to do the darn thing and you're not letting anyone stop you. So hit that button below before you change your mind. I am waiting for you on the other side and we are going to get your closet to a place that you love not just what's in it but the time you spend in there! 

Let's Make It Official! 

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