"Shaniece introduced me to clever solutions to make the most of my space. I highly recommend working with Shaniece." - Erica Malbon 


made space

Word On The Street:

"When it came to my closet, I knew exactly what I wanted, but I didn’t know how to make it happen. Shaniece came in and removed the overwhelm. She took my inspiration photos and got to work!" - Lauren Messiah


removed overwhelm

"Shaniece did an excellent job at organizing my closets. She is reliable and has an extensive knowledge of fashion and is quite fabulous herself! Her eye for organizing a closet is impeccable. " -Fergie


More space

Entrepreneur, Malbon Golf + The now spa

Personal stylist + Entrepreneur



More Time

"I truly enjoy getting dressed in the morning and I feel like I get to go shopping every single time I step into my closet. Finding outfits is soooooo much easier and surprisingly keeping it up is a lot easier too lol...who would have thought." -Shayna Rasin Saniatan 

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