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Most nights you just kick off your clothes and toss them on the floor. Work is exhausting and all you want to do at the end of the day is curl up on the couch with a glass of wine and a good show. When you do make time to hang up your clothes, you just shove things wherever they’ll fit. They actually made it in the closet. That’s all that matters, right? Until you spend hours ravaging through your things on the hunt for a purse you know you put somewhere, but now you can’t find it anywhere.

“My closet is so clean and organized” said you - never.

Can I get real with you for a second…

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the process.

Here you are
going to state the challenges and frustrations 





Especially when you look around and see overflowing hangers and piles upon piles of “stuff.”

Most of which you’re just hanging onto for the day you might need to fit into it again. But, is that a life you want to live again? The pants that are a few sizes too big. The tops you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing now. The t-shirt collection you’ve had since high school.

What if you could...

Yes, all of this is possible when you join

This is about so much more than creating a clean space for your clothes. It’s about helping you find a renewed confidence in yourself and giving you more free time to do what you love. I’m sharing the exact steps and techniques I use everyday to organize tiny closets, celebrity-sized closets, and everything in-between.

A proven system that’s easy to follow and will help you get organized
without the guilt and reappearance of clutter.

Get ready to transform your closet and your life!

Decluttering Beyond the Closet

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“I truly enjoy getting dressed in the morning now and I feel like I get to go shopping every single time I step into my closet. Finding outfits is sooooooo much easier and surprisingly keeping it up is a lot easier too lol... who would have thought. I recommend Shaniece to EVERYONE looking to organize their closet because she is the best.”

— Shayna Saniatan

"Finding outfits is sooooooo much easier and surprisingly keeping it up is a lot easier"

The reason most attempts at organizing your closet fail is because you just react to what’s around you. If you want this process to work, you have to set your intentions for the space first. Using my Magic Wand Scenario, we’ll start you on the path to success by visualizing the look and feel of your future closet AND what that can free up for you to accomplish in your life. It’s time to see your closet for what it could be - not what it is.

Check it out.

Module 01 The Magic Wand Scenario

Being organized starts in your mind long before it manifests in your closet. That’s why module 2 is all about helping you find peace in the process without getting overwhelmed or stuck in your guilt. You’ll learn meditation techniques to reduce your stress and the negative energy that creeps in
whenever you’re surrounded by clutter.

Be honest, how long have you been holding onto that pair of pants “just in case” you need to fit into them again one day? And, don’t even get me started on that pile of shoes in the corner. I get it, it’s hard letting go of things that hold so many sentimental memories for you. Module 3 is all about giving you the strength to let go using my worry-free method for removing the excess in your closet. No need to “thank your socks” with this one. You’ll feel confident in your choice to donate, keep, or toss things out - and have a closet that’s full of the pieces that truly make you happy.

Here's What You'll Learn

Give Your Mindset a Makeover

The Fire & Flood Method

Module 02

Module 03

Your closet should be your own personal sanctuary. A place you go to find peace, reflect on who you are, and where you start each day.
In module 5 you’ll find inspiration to help you turn your closet into a liveable space again with fun decor, plants, furniture, and pieces that
bring your space to life. Transforming your once chaotic closet into a space you can actually see yourself hanging out in.

Put the Finishing Touches on it

Module 05

You know you CAN declutter (and have in the past). The only problem - the clutter comes back and you find yourself once again in a space that makes you feel anxious and stressed out. Not anymore. Here you’ll learn how to arrange everything inside your closet to make waking up and getting dressed the easiest part of your
day. From creating spaces for your work clothes, handbags, jewelry, and everything in-between - it’s all inside this module! I’ve also included a few playlists to make this process quick and enjoyable. (Yep, that’s possible.)

It’s Time To Get Organized

Module 04


5 modules outlining an easy to follow system to help you declutter, organize, and maintain your closet.

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The Magic Wand Scenario to inspire you and help you visualize the final appearance of your space and your life.



And, as a special bonus...

Worksheets & training videos to take you step-by-step through the entire process giving you more control and removing that overwhelming feeling of not knowing where to start.


Guest experts sharing mindset and organization techniques to kick your
transformation up a notch.


You’ll also get access to my private Facebook community so you’ll never feel alone or stuck during this process.



Because I can’t be physically inside your closet while all this is going down, I’ve created this space just for you. You’ll be able to share your struggles, get help while editing your belongings, ask questions, and celebrate with the group once you complete the program.

When you think about it, that’s a total value of $997

Then you’ll want to grab a 60-minute virtual decluttering session to go along with the program. I understand that letting go can be the hardest part of organizing. I’ll show up inside your closet (on Zoom, of course!) to help you work through the editing process and feel good about your choices at the end of the day. *The word “purge” isn’t in my vocabulary, so you’ll never have to get rid of anything you’re not comfortable letting go of.

Feel like you’ll need a little extra TLC to get through it all?

Free guide

Bonus Course Module


This course

Acces to my private Facebook community

1:1 decluttering session

"Shaniece introduced me to clever solutions to make the most of my
space. I highly recommend working with Shaniece.”

Erica Malbon

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Decluttering and organizing spaces is my JAM!!

I’m a certified Virgo all the way- logical, practical, and systemic in my approach to all things. As a child I would spend my free time cleaning and organizing for my mom. As an adult, space optimization has become a form of therapy and consistent source of peace throughout each season. After spending the last decade in the fashion industry - behind-the-scenes at NY Fashion Week, working as a visual manager for retail stores, and inside some of the biggest closets out there, I’ve discovered exactly what it takes to create an efficient space that opens up the atmosphere for the abundant life we deserve. Decluttering Beyond the Closet is a combination of my experience as a professional organizer and the life lessons I’ve learned along the way. It’s more than just “making pretty spaces”, it’s taking the blinders off. It’s about reclaiming your mind
and your time to give you the freedom to create the life of your dreams. I’m here to show you how to live a life of abundance on your own terms one closet at a time.

more about me

It’s ya girl,

You have so little time and so much to do.

You want to keep the clutter and chaos away for good.

You want a functional closet space that brings you peace.

You’d rather spend your down time doing the things you love.

You want “getting dressed” to be as fun as shopping with the girls.

You’re ready to purge what no longer serves you to make room for abundant living

This program is for you if…


Are you ready to end the frantic moments spent searching for whatever shirt just popped in your head?

Get ready to transform your
closet and your life!


Join declutter beyond the closet today!

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I have a super small closet, will this program still work for me?

Of course! Many of the techniques you’ll learn are designed for limited closet space - some of my favorite places to organize. This is one time size doesn’t matter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of my clothes hold sentimental value for me. Will I need to throw those out to be successful at this?

That depends...if you can find other ways to capture those same memories, toss the clothes. But, if the idea of donating or throwing
something away is too painful for you, there are storage options available that will free up your space and allow you to keep those sentimental

I have ZERO free time, how long will it take me to organize and
declutter my entire closet?

This program will only take you a few hours if you get down and do the work. If you get stuck at any point during the program, you can always jump into the Facebook group to ask questions and get support from
myself and others in the community.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee if I’m not happy with the

You know I do! The way it works - you have 14 days after your purchase to decide if the course isn’t for you. If it’s not, I’ll be more than happy to give you a full refund.

Which will you choose?

...continue living with the clutter, wondering if you’re on the verge of being the next guest on an episode of Hoarders.
Or, you can gain control of the chaos with a proven system that helps you get organized, and stay that way!

Here’s the thing, you could…

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