Let's be real here, that laundry coming out of the dryer isn't making it back to the closet anytime soon. Despite having the best intentions for most of us things just tend to pile up. Here's the 411: Clutter is what I do; I can help with that!

Take the first step toward decluttering your space, balancing your energy, and removing the mental and physical blocks holding you back from "next level you" with the clutter quiz!


A Toast to Taking The First Step!


Are you a Samantha, Miranda, Carrie, or Charlotte? Discover which Sex & The City character describes your clutter personality and receive a custom cocktail or mocktail recipe that's tailor-made just for YOU!


Master Walk-In closet

Walk-in closet 

Reach-in closet 

Which closet best resembles your current closet? 

Take the quiz 

Let's get started

Give an excuse of why you can't meet tonight-you have a special guest

Do a quick cleaning of all the visual areas

Pull out the cocktails & wine while you wait for her arrival 

Rush to pick  up your clothes of the coach & tidy up

A friend calls you and says "I'm in the neighborhood & want to stop by" you:


Story master closet 


Classic & Minimal 

Select your dream closet? 

I don't have an excuse I just need to schedule it

I don't have the patience. Can I hire someone to do it for me?

I don't have enough space 

I don't have enough time

What is your greatest decluttering challenge? 

Photos of your EX

My kids artwork

A toy not by Mattel

An heirloom passed down from your grandmother- how could you ever toss it?

Which "skeleton" may be found in your closet?

Me- Taylar Swift 

Don't Want to Know- Maroon 5 

Please me- Cardi B. & Bruno Mars 

Boss- Beyonce

Which song title best represents you?

I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T, loyal, outspoken, adventurous 

Classy, organized, polite 

Empathy, passionate, driven

I'm a hustler baby, hard worker, ambitious 

How would your friends describe you? 

Sparkling Water 

Sex On The Beach 

Jack & Coke 


It's happy hour whats ya sipping on? 

Travel more and make time for more adventures 

More time with my family and friends

Promotion at work 

A relationship 

If You could remove all the blocks that are holding you back, what would you accomplish?  

Modern contemporary 

Glam Chic 

Eclectic Chic 

Contemporary minimalist 

Select your design style

Muffin powder halvah danish sweet topping. Pudding tart powder cookie chocolate pie. Donut fruitcake cake lollipop gummies. Powder jujubes chocolate bar pastry pudding gummies gummi bears.

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You're a Diy kind a person